pretty_fcuk (pretty_fcuk) wrote,

my life is becoming very routine, once again

i don't know what it is...the fluctuating weather?...the changing attitudes of friends?...the lack of activity in my boyfriend's "cave"?...the omnipresent feeling that in a month, I will be back on Long Island, and then what?

i desperately need some sort of change to occur or i think i might go crazy but i have no clue as to where to start

i really feel as though i should just study abroad for the whole year next year, but would that really change anything?...i'd probably just have the same problems over there, except i wouldn't know the language

i dont constantly cranky and frustrated and i dont want to be like that anymore...nothing is like it used to be...and i know times change but what the hell do i have to do to myself to enjoy life again?

i have made too many bad connections and once i break them, i have nothing
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